5 advices to avoid losing files because of malware


There are a lot of threats that can put our PC at risk. There also are many options to protect our systems. Maybe the biggest issue users face is the amount of threats that put files at risk. By this we mean every file in every drive of the PC. In this article, we will give you some advices to handle the problem of getting a malware that can delete all of our files. We told you about StalinLocker a few months ago. This is a malware that can wipe out a drive in minutes.

Avoid losing files because of malware

There are many more malware like StalinLocker, which can delete everything in the PC. There are also ransomware that ask for a ransom, which was actually one of the worst cybersecurity problems in 2017.

Users can do some things to protect their PCs and address the issue. Therefore, we will give you some advices. Besides, these advices help us avoid data loss in case of some kind of malware, hardware-related issues or in case we lose the device.

There is nothing worse than a malware infection that makes it impossible to use a PC, forcing us to format it. All of our files are in danger.

Create backups

First and foremost, create backups, as it is the best way to protect our files. In case of an attack, we would have backups of every single file in another device. There are a lot of options. Basically, we have to choose between a physical backup and a cloud-based one.

This is the first protection against ransomware, although it cannot possibly prevent the threat itself. Having backups is important because our files would be stored somewhere else in case a virus wipes out the PC, therefore the damage is less serious.

Security programs and tools

Additionally, having security programs and tools is essential because they can protect us against malware. It is important to have a good antivirus that detects possible threats that can put our files at risk.

Additionally, these programs must be kept up to date so we can face the most recent issues.


Be careful when browsing the web.

Malware threats frequently infect our PCs via the web. We have to be especially careful when downloading content, and we have to always download programs from official sites and sources. Modified apps can be usually found in third-party sites and can compromise our systems.

Among these harmful programs, there are a lot of malware threats that can compromise our files. Therefore, being careful while browsing the web and downloading content is essential to avoid harmful files that can wipe out our drives and compromise our own files.

Keeping our PC up to date

As we mentioned above, we should keep our antivirus up to date. The same goes for the system. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities that may cause data loss if they are exploited. There are also malware variants that take advantage of these vulnerabilities to infect a PC.

We can avoid these problems by updating the PC and installing security patches as they are released, therefore highly preventing malware from wiping out our drives.

Common sense

Maybe this is the most important thing to bear in mind. We have to use our common sense when we get fraudulent emails, open harmful sites or install programs. We have to pay attention to the source and every single one of its elements.

Most of the time, malware threats require the user’s input, so this is why common sense is essential for preventing them.