What should Steam TV, Twitch and YouTube’s competition, have in order to be successful

If we play games on PC, we surely know Steam, a gaming platform created by Valve. With Steam, we can buy virtually any game for a lower price in comparison to those for consoles, for example. Besides, the platform has a big user community that takes part in the community pages and forums to offer help or the possibility to create groups to play online. Now Valve seems to want to go further and improve its community even more. According to reports, the company is ready to compete against YouTube and Twitch with its own game streaming platform: Steam TV.

As reported by the team at ADSLZone, we found out about Steam TV by mistake the past weekend. Steam TV is Valve’s new game streaming platform that intends to find a spot in the streaming market and face YouTube and Twitch directly.

We got an early look of the platform by mistake the past weekend, although the website was rapidly taken down because it is still being tested and it is too soon to be available for every user. Despite being shut down, it is clear that the platform is real. Also, a Valve representative confirmed that the company is working on updating Steam Broadcasting for Dota 2’s annual tournament.

What Steam TV should have to be successful

Evidently, the first thing Valve has to do is to provide a simple way to broadcast games so gamers choose its platform. Maybe this is the easiest thing to do, as Steam itself has features and protocols to broadcast audio and video live to other people. Therefore, this can be done easily with just minor tweaks (probably what Valve is doing with Steam Broadcasting).

Additionally, it is really important for this platform to offer gamers a better reward system than the one YouTube offers (which users are increasingly criticizing, prompting a lot of them to leave the platform because it is no longer profitable), like with Twitch, where revenue is obtained via patronage (Patreon) and donations. A friendlier and more profitable way that the one these two services have will surely gain the trust of a lot of streamers in a short time.

Another key element Valve has to pay attention to is content. The company has to make sure that everything that is broadcasted through the platform follows a set of rules, therefore banning insults, slurs, racist comments and other inappropriate content. Besides, if Valve wants a game streaming platform, then it should focus on game streaming, barring users from broadcasting how they sleep or waste a beer, for example. We cannot forget that both YouTube and Twitch have very strict rules for different things like clothing, for example. In this sense, Valve should also include that in Steam TV. If it does not do so, the platform might end up turning into an erotic video chat in no time instead of being a game streaming platform.

Besides live streaming, it also would be a good idea for Valve to go for “game video guides,” a place where we could find recorded games that might help us during our own game sessions when we get stuck. And it would be great if these guides forgo childish comments and bawling that sounds like it comes from a farm animal.

Lastly, we have to point out that there is no official date for the platform’s launch as of now. It could be today or it could be in a few weeks. What is clear is that once it is here, the platform will gain the trust of every user in a really short time.