Microsoft partners with Razer to provide mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox

The idea of providing mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox is not new. Microsoft has been toying with the idea for a couple of years but has failed to come up with something concrete beyond a beta. As of today, the Xbox still lacks official mouse and keyboard support.

Thanks to a series of leaked slides from Razer’s presentation, we were able to confirm that said company has partnered with Microsoft to bring mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox One and Xbox One X. We think this is a great decision although it also brings major downsides that could impact the user community.

Using keyboard and mouse on certain games, like fist-person shooter ones, gives the user a huge advantage due to the setup’s greater precision when aiming. The downside is clear: it would put players using controllers in a position of inferiority.

In order to solve this issue, Microsoft will give developers total freedom on the measures they will ultimately adopt. In this regard, there could be the possibility of taking different yet highly effective measures, like introducing a crosshair system for players using the controller and splitting players into two different groups. By doing so, players using the keyboard and mouse would only face players using the same devices.

As for the support, the first reports confirm that it would only be possible to use a single keyboard and mouse connection at a time on the Xbox One and Xbox One X and that Microsoft is trying to make every Windows 10-compatible keyboard and mouse work seamlessly with both consoles.