Logitech reinvents the mouse with the new MX Vertical


If you spend hours using a mouse for professional reasons or leisure, then it is likely that you have felt discomfort in the wrist. The root cause of said discomfort is the repetitive unnatural movement required to use a PC. Logitech intends to solve that problem by changing perspectives: this is what the brand’s vertical mouse looks like.

Logitech has been creating some of the best mice of the market for years The company has an array of gaming and business-related peripherals, always keeping quality as the main element. The MX series, one of the brand’s most innovative yet, features a new mouse that is strikingly different from anything on the market so far.

With the new Logitech MX Vertical, the brand changes the way we usually use the mouse due to a 57ยบ vertical angle. Therefore, the hand rests more comfortably, reducing muscular activity by up to 10% and preventing users from making movements that may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, which is one of the most common conditions affecting PC users.

To show that the MX Vertical does work, Logitech asked an ergonomics consulting firm to test it. In a survey of 52 users, all of them, especially those who spend several hours using the peripheral, said they felt less discomfort in their wrists and forearms.

Of course, this mouse is not ideal for gaming, but it does present itself as an amazing option for working and web browsing.

On a technical level, we now have a mouse that has a 4,000 DPI sensor (customizable), the brand’s excellent quality build and a 240 mAh rechargeable battery that guarantees around four months of battery life. The Logitech MX Vertical can now be pre-ordered in the US for $99 with shipping expected in September. As of now, there is no information regarding a launch in Europe.